The international charity Penny Appeal has selected Staying Put for a donation of £10,000 from their Phoenix Fund, which was launched to help people escape abusive relationships.

Staying Put will be spending the fund on ‘home starter kits’ i.e. essential appliances and items of furniture for the home, such as beds, fridges and microwaves, to help people get back on their feet after leaving an abusive household.

85% of people who experience economic abuse have also experienced other forms of domestic abuse, according to report by Refuge. Economic abuse often means abusers withhold access to funds, making it feel impossible to leave.

People feel like they can’t leave because they simply cannot afford to. With this money, we can help break down that barrier, and enable people to set up a new home, free from abuse.

This is the first time that Penny Appeal has worked with Staying Put, and comes after the launch of their new domestic abuse strategy.

“Over the last year, due to Covid-19, victims of domestic abuse have been forced to co-exist with perpetrators. Our Phoenix Fund project was launched as a direct response to support victims flee abusive relationships and regain control of their lives,” says Charlene Edwards, head of UK programmes at Penny Appeal.

If you are experiencing any form of domestic abuse, you can call the One Front Door helpline on 0808 2800 999 from 9.30am-1pm, 1.30pm-4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

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