Sometimes, a chance meeting can lead to wonderful things. That’s exactly what has happened to Staying Put.

Thanks to one phone call to an energy company, and a bit of friendly customer service, Staying Put ended up with a team of supporters in Kentish Town, London – 200 miles away from our office. 

A few weeks ago, a gentleman contacted us asking how he could donate some money to us. 

The man’s name was Tim, and he had a story to tell. He was moving home, had arranged for the gas and electricity to be cut off and then, suddenly, everything went wrong; his chain collapsed, and he couldn’t go anywhere. Desperate for help, he called his electricity supplier. There he spoke to a really helpful lady who managed to get everything turned back on for him. 

“She was so nice and so helpful,” Tim said, “that when we’d finished, I asked her what her favourite charity was so I could make a donation, and she said Staying Put.” 

The helpful lady was Kathryn Shaw, former trustee at Staying Put. 

Tim, it turns out, is a bit of a philanthropist and is quite well connected. His son grew up on the same street as Suggs of Madness fame, and the rest of the band. His son became a roadie for them, and, during their younger school pal days, Suggs and the rest had spent many happy hours perfecting their sound in Tim’s house. 

Tim duly collected a load of memorabilia and arranged for a full day’s fundraising event to take place at his local pub, The Pineapple, also in Kentish Town. By the time he’d finished he’d collected more than 20 raffle prizes from local businesses, and organised entertainment for the children too. 

The fundraiser took place at the weekend, and was a roaring success. The Pineapple was packed to the rafters. The landlord, Rob, coincided the auction and raffle with a local cider festival, and donated all of the profits from the sale of eight guest ciders on the night to Staying Put. 

Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer turned up to support our cause and spoke to us about the work we do. 

In total, the event raised over £3000 – an incredible help to the vital work we do, and proof that you don’t have to live near people to feel a sense of community and solidarity.

A huge thank you to Tim, the Pineapple pub and all their regulars! 

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