Staying Put provide a range of support to different people. Here we talk to our Young Person’s Domestic Abuse Advocate to understand what they do to support young people facing domestic abuse.

What is a Young Person’s Domestic Abuse Advocate?

A Young Person’s Domestic Abuse Advocate is someone who is specially trained to work with young people and help them to understand what domestic abuse is and how to get help.

“As a Young Person’s Domestic Abuse Advocate, I specialise in identifying and offering effective early support to young people aged 16-25 at high-risk of serious harm due to domestic abuse and sexual violence.” Explains Kam.

What issues do young people face?

Young people can be more vulnerable to domestic abuse in relationships as they don’t have experience to understand what behaviours may be domestic abuse. They may see some behaviour as jealousy, for example, when really, it’s coercive control.

The impact of domestic abuse on young people can have a detrimental effect on their behaviour, decision making, and long-term mental health issues.

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How do they support people?

Our Young Person’s Domestic Abuse Advocate use a trauma informed approach, which means they offer the support you need to become safe and rebuild your life. This support can range from helping an individual to understand what a healthy relationship looks like (and what behaviour is not acceptable), developing support plans to keep safe, as well as helping you to navigate the criminal justice process. They work in partnership with the different agencies such as the police, education and social services to provide support, ensuring your voice remains at the centre of any decision making that affects you.

Working with partner agencies ensures that you get the best help and that you are not having to tell your story over and over again. However, you will always be told first, before partner agencies are brought in.

“I am experienced, and able to quickly adapt my support in all these different areas dependant on the individuals support needs.”

Part of the role of The Young Person’s Domestic Abuse Advocate is to collaborate with schools, businesses, universities and colleges to raise awareness of healthy relationships and address the impact of domestic abuse.

Through this initiative, we aim to enhance mental well-being, increase education and employment opportunities, and ensure community integration. We have an online streamlined referral service for professionals, which can be accessed using our Staying Put website.

Any other comments?

If you need support or further information on how we can help, please call 0808 2800 999.

We help everyone who needs it, so please feel reassured that you can call us and you will be supported.

Our helpline is open from Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 4.30pm. We close for half an hour at 1pm every day for lunch.

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