Our ethos

At Staying Put, we proudly adopt a feminist approach to our work. We acknowledge that women and girls face discrimination due to their gender, and we reject the ideology that women are worth less than men. 

Our leadership is, and will always be, predominantly women-led. Our work is structured to empower women who have faced abuse and violence, predominantly at the hands of men, to help them thrive, and achieve their full potential. 

Domestic abuse and sexual violence can affect any gender, but it disproportionately effects women and girls. In the latest statistics by the ONS, 1.7 million women experienced domestic abuse in the year ending March 2021, compared with 699,000 men. Domestic abuse is a gendered issue. 

Feminism helps everyone. A more equal society, with a balance of power, will ensure that everyone’s needs are addressed, and everyone can live a life free from oppression. 

We practice intersectional feminism. Intersectionality is the concept that all oppression is linked. We recognise how other forms of oppression due to class, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability, can overlap with and exacerbate gender discrimination. 

Everyone has their own individual experiences of discrimination and oppression, and we understand that the most marginalised voices are the ones who are often silenced. 


Call for help now

0808 2800 999

Open Monday - Friday, 9.30am - 4:30pm (closed for half an hour lunch at 1pm)
Our One Front Door helpline is completely free and confidential, and the call will not show up on itemised bills.

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We’re nominated for a Smiley Award

We’re nominated for a Smiley Award

We are excited to announce that we have been nominated for a Smiley Award! We've been nominated for our film 'Grow your wings'. However, we need your votes to win!The film was inspired by the true story of an employee at Staying Put. She spoke out about the abuse she...

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A story of a nurse who experienced domestic abuse

A story of a nurse who experienced domestic abuse

Anyone can be impacted by domestic abuse at any time. Below is the story of a nurse, who approached one of our Hospital IDVAs and disclosed that she had been experiencing years of abuse from her partner. Our hospital IDVA was able to support her to leave the...

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