ReciteMe accessibility toolbar

Below you will find a guide to using all of the features on the Recite Me toolbar.

Play audio

Back: Rewind to the previous paragraph of text

Play: Click the Play button to read the text aloud

Forward: Skip forward to the next paragraph of text

Text options

Decrease: This will decrease the text size

Font: You can change the font that displays on the page

Increase: This will increase the text size

Colour, ruler and screen mask

Colour: Change the background, text and link colours

Ruler: Click to enable the reading ruler

Screen Mask: Will create a letterbox for focused viewing of a section of the page

Dictionary, translation and magnifier

Dictionary: Highlight and click on this to find the definition of the word

Language: Translate text into a different language

Magnifier: Click and drag the magnifying glass to magnify text on the screen

Plain text mode, margins and audio download

Text Mode: Remove images and view in plain text mode

Margins: Change the text dimensions by narrowing the width of the text column

Download Audio: Highlight the text then click the button to download text as an audio file


Settings: Adjust your Recite settings

Reset: This will restore the default settings

User Guide: Will give you an overview of the Recite Me Toolbar Features

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Staying Put launches Safeguarding Week

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